That Girl doing that thing.

I have been blogging for more than 8 years. When a (dot)Wordpress and a Blogger account was still totally normal to see. Over the last 8 years I have watched international content creators be able to expand their brands in to merchandise. But South Africans never seemed to be afforded the same opportunities.



Today working with brands is almost a given when you have a blog. It can soon become a race for “who is on whose PR list” and what kind of content opens up more opportunities. The blogging race is long and in the end it’s only with yourself.


For years I watched other bloggers ask questions about creating their own merchandise. Their own t-shirts. The responses from readers were always the same: “YES of course we want to buy it” but no one I watched went through with it to create their own products. It remained a dream.


A few months ago, I had an idea while sitting on my couch with family on a Sunday evening. What if I could create the things others have been dreaming about. I watched the polls where reader voted if they wanted it and the answer stayed a resounding yes every time. So I set off to find a way to make it happen. I wanted to find a way for bloggers to create things. Things they could hold and feel and wear. I wanted to create a way for bloggers to support bloggers. A way you can SHOW your support in a stylish and affordable way.


That girls t-shirt, was born.


At the moment it is a small operation and I can sometimes barely keep up. With the help of amazing people we have been able to pull off midnight orders and waybill writing. With a dash of coffee and a hug every time I am close to giving up we have made it work. I am proud to say the vision is strong and with the help of an amazing guy doing a lot of things behind the scenes, we will soon be able to facilitate card payments and as well as a new courier account that has been opened.



I am dedicated to building a digital store front for the things YOU make. Sometimes I fall behind a little, but it’s not long until someone makes me some tea and jumps in to help get orders out.


Instagram has been the easiest to manage while juggling multiple other balls. The Facebook page is there but dormant for now. (not for long so go find it and give it a like) and the website and store are slowly evolving.


This blog will be a space where stories behind designs are shared, collaborations discussed, and stories shared. YOUR stories.


I hope I will be wearing your design very soon. If you see a girl running passed you in ripped jeans and a grey “That Girl” shirt, it’s probably me. Say hi.


All my love,

That Girl.