Hanging clothes

Design guidelines:

Design must be sent in PNG or High Res PDF. No Jpegs will be accepted.


FINAL designs only to be emailed to Please note that NO changes will be made to your design once you submit it.


What can I design?

Just about anything you please. View our store for examples of what has been done.

A4 designs are preferred. Should you choose to go larger (A3) this will affect the cost of your shirt.

Can you do multiple colours? Yes, but please email us to get a selection of specific shades available.

Things to avoid: Very fine lines do not print well. If you want a metallic print, please refrain from sending us your design saved in a digital metallic shade. Just add in your description what metallic shade you would like, and we will contact you with options.


What colour shirt can I use: We have a selection of standard colours.

We will be uploading little samples soon.

White, Black, Grey, Powder Pink, Baby Blue, Red, navy, Bottle Green.

Sizes: Standard Sizing used. (small, medium, large – 4xl can be accommodated)

Size suggestion: We suggest a large as this is flattering on so many sizes.

Do you get one? YES. Should your design meet our requirements, we will send you one complimentary shirt.


Limited edition you say?

All designs are limited to 20 prints only. Your complimentary shirt is shirt number 20 and thus 19 will be up for sale. When the last payment clears, and shirt is safely out the door you will be contacted to transfer your commission earned (Yes, you can make money selling your own shirt, cool hey) Your percentage will be calculated on the cost of production of your design and shirt.